Treatment Care

acne vulgaris

Acne is a condition that greatly affects one’s confidence level in almost any social event. Thankfully, with the advancement of medical technology, the condition can be effectively treated using various approach. It is important to thoroughly consult with your doctors and be advised on the best treatment strategy.
Chemical Peeling is a cosmetic procedure that uses chemical solution applied on the surface of your skin. The solution works by exfoliating and removing dead cells on the treatment areas, resulting in growth of new cells underneath that appears smoother and lighter.
Depending on the type of acne, bacterial infection could be one of various contributing factors leading to the condition. With in depth consultation with a physician, oral antibiotics may be prescribed to eliminate the infection resulting in recovery and much improved skin condition.
When it comes to medical grade, quality and efficacy is of top priority in it’s formulation. High quality skincare products ensures the skin receive its deserving care.
Sometimes, important events calls for a swift and quick fix.
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