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Skin booster injection procedure
Skin booster injection procedure

Imagine your skin is like a garden, and sometimes it needs extra care to stay healthy and happy. The skin booster treatment is like giving your skin a special drink that helps it feel refreshed and beautiful without using any ouchie tools. It’s like magic water that goes into your skin and makes it look and feel super nice. This treatment has special things inside it that are like little helpers for your skin. It’s a cool way to keep your skin feeling awesome!

In the world of skincare, the skin booster treatment is gaining popularity for its ability to rejuvenate the skin non-invasively. This breakthrough treatment revitalizes and hydrates the skin from within. In this article, we’ll cover what the hyped treatment is, its key ingredients, how it works, the administration process, and the many benefits it offers to patients.

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What is skin booster treatment?

It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the skin’s texture, elasticity, and overall appearance. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, which target specific wrinkles or lines, skin boosters focus on enhancing skin quality by providing deep hydration and nourishment.


The primary ingredients are hyaluronic acid (HA) and other essential nutrients. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps maintain moisture levels. As we age, the production of HA decreases, leading to dryness, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. It also replenish this crucial substance, promoting hydration and restoring a youthful glow.

Diamond Feel Forte mengandungi 67 bahan untuk mencapai kulit yang lembap, memudarkan jeragat, mengurangkan garis halus serta mengecilkan pori.

Dermal Sign E mengandungi 11 komponen seperti Hyaluronic acid, Glutathione, Tranexamic acid dan Vitamin C yang membantu untuk memudarkan pigmentasi selain dari mencerahkan kulit. Ia juga sesuai untuk merawat masalah pigmentasi seperti jeragat halus serta melasma

how the procedure is done?

Tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid are injected into deeper skin layers, boosting collagen for improved texture and firmness. The acid’s hydrating properties attract water, enhancing skin elasticity. Micro-injections on the face, neck, or hands result in a naturally radiant look. Unlike traditional fillers, this provides subtle improvement for a refreshed appearance without drastic changes.

5 benefits of skin boosters for your skin :

  • Hydration Boost : Significantly improve skin hydration, addressing issues such as dryness and dullness.
  • Improved Elasticity : By stimulating collagen production, it enhance skin elasticity and firmness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Natural-Looking Results : The gradual nature of the treatment ensures that results appear natural, avoiding an overfilled or “plastic” appearance.
  • Versatility : Versatile and suitable for various skin types and ages, making it an inclusive option for many individuals.
  • Minimal Downtime : Patients can resume their daily activities shortly after the procedure, as there is minimal discomfort and downtime.

Skin booster treatment is a modern skincare choice that hydrates, stimulates collagen, and gives natural-looking results. It’s popular for enhancing skin vitality. Consult a qualified medical professional for personalized advice based on your needs and goals.

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